Welcome to NiceLand Gifts

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  • NiceLand Gifts is located along the Columbia River in Northwest Oregon and promotes the creation of rare, unusual and functional art forms from non-endangered Pacific Northwest hardwoods.

    One of the more unusual and artistic material-forms is our use of spalted hardwoods. The picture to the right is a finished fresh flower vase created from spalted hardwood.

    Each vase presents a unique naturally-occurring woodgrain pattern of either Red Alder or Bigleaf Maple, preserved beneath a specially formulated liquid epoxy resin finish.

    NiceLand vases are all original designs, crafted and hand finished using spalted hardwoods. Check out our Spalted wood page for spalting details.

    In addition to using native hardwoods, NiceLand encourages collaboration between local artists in mixed media forms combining hardwood, glass and ceramic materials in an end creation. Check out our Order Products page for more detailed descriptions.

    If you like a tactile experience and happen to be in Northwest Oregon, please come by and see us. For most weekends starting in May to October, NiceLand Gifts sets up a booth at the Astoria Sunday Market, also at the Port-of-Astoria when cruise ships dock; see our Calendar-of-events for details.

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